There’s mold in my bathroom – what can I do?

Mold is not something that you want to see in any area of your home. It puts ideas in our heads that our home is dirty and contaminated, when in fact, mold has nothing to do with the cleanliness of a home.

While black mold is probably the most commonly thought of mold type, there are actually thousands of different mold stains. Black, white, orange, and even green mold are common types that are seen in.  (more…)

mold on bathroom wall
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How to create a fire escape plan specific to your apartment building

Owning a property is stressful enough without thinking about the building being hit by a natural disaster. As a landlord or property manager, there is a long list of things that you have to handle on a daily basis. The safety and security of your tenants is the top priority.  (more…)

fire escape plan for building
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DIY Attic Cleaning – When can you take on the mess and when should you hire a professional cleaning team?

An attic is one area of the home that many of us don’t step foot in for months on end. At times, we can go a year or more without ever seeing the inside of our attics! Over time, this low traffic area becomes a perfect breeding ground for the common things like dust and dirt. It could also become the home of mold and mildew, and even the final resting place of four legged friends. (more…)

attic space with rocking chair and dust
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Do I need a Professional Mold Remediation Company for My Mold Problem?

MOLD. It’s the four letter word that homeowners dread hearing. In recent years, the talk of “black mold” has increased. The press and media report regularly on the dangers that mold can cause to the health of those in a household. Here’s the truth – mold isn’t a good thing, but mold is not something that will kill you instantly if you breathe it in. (more…)

interior walls of home covered in black mold from floor to ceiling
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Is Black Mold the Most Toxic of Molds?

The words “toxic” and “mold” are two of the scariest words that humans can hear in the same sentence. When we hear these words together, suddenly just breathing in the air where there might be mold growth becomes frightening.

The issue with this is that not all black mold is toxic. There are many misconceptions that cause us to react negatively when we see any trace of black mold in our home and panic when there is no need for any sort of reaction.  (more…)

black mold on white wall
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Mystery water leaks in the basement – what’s the reason for the water?

Let’s look into an actual issue that popped up a few years ago! On New Year’s Day, a call came through from a family member who was house sitting long term and discovered a small leak in the basement of the home where she was staying.   (more…)

basement ceiling damaged by unknown water leak
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5 Signs You May Need a Sump Pump to Help Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

As a homeowner, preventing water damage is a main priority. A bad rainstorm can turn your dream basement into a swamp without the proper preventative measures. Many homes have a sump pump, a device that is installed below the surface of a home to prevent excess water from gathering where it doesn’t belong. (more…)

basement sump pump
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Sump Pumps – What are They, How do They Work, and Why do I Need One?

You may have heard neighbors talk about needing a sump pump or their sump pumps kicking in during a hard rain. As a homeowner, a sump pump is a device that you will hear about, but may not fully understand what it does or why it is important to have one!

At A&J Property Restoration DKI, we assist homeowners that have experienced water damage, some of which could have been prevented with the help of a sump pump. Let’s talk about the basics of this common household appliance and how they can keep your home water damage free. (more…)

replacing old sump pump with new sump pump
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Recovering from a House Fire – How Should You Clean the Smoke Out of Fabrics and Clothing?

Experiencing a fire is frightening and can cause a major burden to your family. Once you know that your family is safe and sound, and that your home is ready to return to, there are other issues that you have to deal with. If you’ve never experienced a fire or been exposed to anyone that has, these fire restoration steps may be surprising to you (more…)

living room objects damaged by house fire
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How to Avoid Water Damage from Your Dishwasher

What household is not happy about having a dishwasher? They make our lives easier each time we use them! They save water, and stop us from having to wash dishes by hand. When we think about the amount of dishes a household uses in one day, it’s no wonder the dishwasher is a welcome addition to the home! 

As much as we love our dishwashers, they can cause us some issues as well. Did you know that thirty percent of water damage is caused by appliance failure? According to Roto-Rooter, dishwashers are a big contributor to home water damage!

To keep your relationship with your dishwasher strong, take these steps to prevent water damage from your favorite appliance. (more…)

man sitting next to dishwasher with soap and water coming out
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