Mold Myths

26d4e3_66446be3a6f34956b174c14a508043e9Mold problems have been receiving a lot of attention recently, but mold is not a “new issue.”

The “Ergot Epiemic” was caused by mold-induced food poison in Europe in the 1700’s.

The “Irish Potato Famine” was caused by mold-stricken plants in 1845.

Mold Problems were also cited in the Bible in Leviticus Chapter 14.

While mold has been an issue for years, more recently, common myths about mold and how to take care of it have taken root. Click the link to view a slideshare presentation to learn the truth about many of the common mold myths.

Mold Myths Slideshare

These are just some of the ‘Myths’ surrounding mold. There are many others. To protect yourself, be sure anyone you hire to do the work understands what the Industry Standard of Care is for Mold Remediation. If they don’t know the term or discount the term, find someone else to do the work.

by Kent Rawhouser, President, A&J Property Restoration

Kent founded A&J Property Restoration 30 years ago and operates on the cutting edge of the restoration industy. he is an expert in mold remediation, water, fire and sewage restoration and is also President of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Click the link for more information on Kent’s expertise and background.