Sewage damage in your home is one of the nastiest types of home disasters out there. It is nasty for multiple reasons. First of all, it is just plain disgusting and no one wants to deal with the aftermath. Secondly, the bacteria and germs in the sewage can cause deadly diseases and viruses, Last of all, it is a huge task to clean up. The sewage is very potent requires intensive cleaning to remove. To prevent this from occurring, here a few of the warning signs you can look out for to know if sewage damage in your home could be a potential problem.

Clogged Drains

Even a singular backed up drain can be an indication that you could have a clog in your drainpipe. A plunger is often sufficient to take care of this, but if you find the problem in multiple drains throughout your home it could be an omen of impending disaster. Call a professional plumber right away so they can come out and evaluate the situation.

Sewage damage in your home and sewage cleanup servicesFoul odors

A foul smell in your drain can often be resolved by running water down the drain or by restoring the water plug in the trap. If this doesn’t save the problem, however, sewage is probably getting backed up in your pipes, especially if you can sense the smell coming through multiple drains. A prompt sewer cleaning will prevent disaster from occurring.

Water spots

You will see evidence of sewer leakage beginning at the lowest levels of your home. If you see any water spots popping up near the drains in your basement, call a professional for help right away.

Unusual landscape growth

Unusual landscape growth is a sign you may have a sewer pipe failure. What you’ll want to look for are sunken wet patches or grass that is overly lush and green in concentrated areas. The unhealthy bacteria in the underground waste will eventually ruin your lawn and garden though if not taken care of.

Insect infestation

Many types of insects love the bacteria found in sewer water. Insects like cockroaches, flies, and palmetto bugs are some of the most common. While having these insects in your home or yard is gross just on its own, it is an indication of a much larger issue. Having insects like this in your home can come from a variety of sources, not just leaking sewage, but it is serious cause for concern. If you have this problem definitely call an exterminator, but also look around your home for other basic sign of sewage leakage.

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