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How To Avoid Future Water Damage In Your Home

Timing Cleanup To Avoid Future Water Damage In Your Home

Following water damage, it is very important to get the water removed immediately. Each water damage case should be treated as an emergency, because the longer water sits, the more damage it causes. Damages will only compound over time, and personal belongings have the best chance of being saved if water damage is cleaned up quickly. Your home can become very damaged and the very structure can become weakened if water damage is left too long before being cleaned up. The following timeline shows how important emergency water removal is, and why it needs to happen as soon as possible:

Water Damage Cleanup In Waukesha, WI

Immediately after water damage: water will spread quickly, saturating every material it comes into contact with. Paper goods will begin to deteriorate very quickly once they are exposed to water, and other porous materials will begin to absorb the water.  

24 hours after water damage: Materials like upholstery and carpet that have absorbed water become heavy and sodden. The breakdown of exposed materials like drywall, insulation begins because of all the swelling from the moisture. Wood will also begin to swell. Metal object will begin to tarnish, and any colors and dyes from fabrics will begin to bleed. Paper goods will no longer be salvageable. Mold growth begins in as little as 24 hours after moisture has been present.

48 hours after water damage: Mold growth has started to spread, and may even begin to be visible on surfaces. Wood will begin to warp and bend. Metal objects will begin to corrode, while other materials (drywall, insulation, carpet, carpet padding, furniture, and other textile goods) continue to deteriorate. Microorganisms can begin to grow in the water, so contamination levels become a threat. 

One week after water damage: If water damage has been present for this long, restoration costs and processes are significantly increased. Water contamination levels are a huge concern, and should be handled appropriately. Few items are salvageable after being exposed to water for this long, and structural damage is likely to ensue. Mold growth and other harmful bacteria are now major risks, and have likely spread to other areas of the home. Structural integrity is compromised, posing a serious threat to those still living in the area. Cracks in walls and ceilings, and buckling of floors will be apparent by this time, and will require rebuild to correct. 

No matter how long your water emergency has been present, A&J Restores will be able to get your home back to pre-loss condition. We start by assessing the damage that has been done, and making sure the source of the water has been stopped. Then we can begin the cleanup process by removing any and all standing water. We have commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers that will ensure all the water is thoroughly dried. Once we have removed all the water and moisture, we can clean the area and make any needed repairs. We know how devastating water damage can be, and that is why we offer water damage cleanup services in Waukesha to make sure your home and belongings are taken care of.