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Sewage spills or floods pose a serious health risk. If the water damage was caused by a sewer back-up, a septic backflow, broken waste pipes, toilet overflows, or flooded lakes or rivers, it is likely contaminated. This is not to be taken lightly. Bacteria and contaminants are extremely harmful to you, your family, your staff, and building occupants. It is extremely important to call a professional cleaning crew to remove the sewage immediately. 

A&J Property Restoration offers sewage clean up services that help commercial properties and residential homes. Do not hesitate to give us a call anytime, day or night, if you are in need of sewage cleanup services. Call now! 

How Do I Know If My Water Damage Contains Sewage?

If You Encounter Sewage Damage or Sewage Spills, Stay Away!

The worst type of water damage is black water or sewage damage. Sewage damage is classified by industry standards as Category 3 water. This type of water is grossly contaminated and poses a serious health risk should you come in contact with it without protective gear on.

Whenever water enters the home from the outside, as is the case with natural flooding, it should be treated as a Category 3 water loss. Likewise, anytime water damage occurs as a result of a sewage back-up, broken waste pipes, or overflowing toilets, bacteria, and contamination are likely present and extreme caution should be taken. 

Does Sewage Damage Only Include Water Contaminated with Human Feces?


Category 3 or black water includes water that may contain human waste and infectious pathogens. However, the toxicity may also come from industrial chemicals or fertilizer run-off and other hazardous materials. This would likely be the type of black water that comes from overflowing rivers or lakes.

Call us immediately so our certified and trained water damage technicians can remediate the situation right away.

Why Choose A&J Property Restoration For Sewage Cleanup?

At A&J Property Restoration, we not only do sewage cleanup but also work in emergency response planning and clean up. Our Code Red Program is a no-cost emergency response plan that will make sure you are prepared for anything – including natural disasters where sewage clean up is needed.

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Is Your Business Prepared?

Does your company or business have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)? Save precious minutes in a restoration emergency by joining our Code Red Immediate Response Program. We sit down with you and prepare a restoration emergency response plan for your business or facility. This ensures the fastest response time to any emergency you have. Time is your worst enemy in a loss – talk with a representative today!

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