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Get immediate sewage damage cleanup in Southern Wisconsin, including Madison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and beyond.
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Tim Regan
Tim Regan
Great company!
A&J Property Restoration met all my needs beyond expectation. They responded within hours to my initial call and promptly throughout the entire project. Cole managed the project with professionalism and empathy. He coordinated with the insurance company, which was helpful. Kevin was considerate to take care of my home as though it were his own during his meticulous work. I couldn’t be more pleased! I highly recommend A&J Property Restoration!
Ezra Rouse
Ezra Rouse
Matt Plummer
Matt Plummer
Jean Pope
Jean Pope
Cole and his team (Erin, Flor and Israel) were a pleasure to work with during recent remedial work to my home (water damage, mold). Cole is approachable, Personable, conscientious and prompt. He provided clarity when needed and responded quickly to any issues that came up. I was assured of a thorough and excellent outcome and they delivered. The team was friendly and supportive. They made sure that the job was done to my satisfaction. In the end, the remedial work/cleaning was very thorough. Not only am I very satisfied but I feel peace of mind in my home. Highly recommend.
Joy Zimmer
Joy Zimmer
Absolutely wonderful to work with! Their work is guaranteed and they made great recommendations to see a mold consultant if we wanted to do further testing. We couldn't have been happier with their services and will always recommend.
kristine risch
kristine risch
We recently had to use A&J Property Restoration to help clean up a property. Cole and his team responded in a very timely fashion and completed all work in a timely manner and professionally. His team was kind and considerate and did a fantastic job of thoroughly making sure the property was in top-notch shape, ready for the next steps. We are grateful to them and would highly recommend them.
Dan Koester
Dan Koester
I was very pleased with the professionalism of both Paula and Rachel along with the other members who put a lot of effort into securing our Snow/Lawn service contract along with providing other insightful ideas on how to improve our companies overall facilities maintenance. Thank You!!


Sewage Restoration Services

Servicing Southern WI, Madison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and Surrounding Areas

There are few things more devastating than experiencing sewage damage in your home. Sewage spills are not only unsightly, but they also pose a serious health risk. If the water damage was caused by a sewer back-up, a septic backflow, broken waste pipes, toilet overflows, or flooded lakes or rivers, it is likely contaminated. Bacteria and contaminants are extremely harmful to you and anyone else who comes in contact with it. It’s extremely important to call a professional sewage backup cleanup crew to mitigate the situation immediately.

A&J Property Restoration offers sewage clean up services that help residential homes. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you are in need of sewage cleanup services.


Is Sewage Backing Up Into Your Property? Get Help Now!

A&J Property Restoration is here to help, day or night, 24/7/365. Call us for immediate service. We help restore your space to its pre-loss condition! 

Trained & Certified​

Our team is IICRC certified and experienced in safe sewage damage restoration for every situation.

Advanced Resources​

We use the most advanced sewage removal, drying and sanitation equipment in the industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed​

We’re not done until you're happy with the results. We ensure your property is returned back to normal with every restoration job.

How Do I Know If My Water Damage Contains Sewage?

If You Encounter Sewage Damage or Sewage Spills, Stay Away!

The worst type of water damage is black water or sewage damage. Sewage damage is classified by industry standards as Category 3 water. This type of water is grossly contaminated and poses a serious health risk should you come in contact with it without protective gear on.

Whenever water enters the home from the outside, as is the case with natural flooding, it should be treated as a Category 3 water loss. Likewise, anytime water damage occurs as a result of a sewage back-up, broken waste pipes, or overflowing toilets, bacteria, and contamination are likely present and extreme caution should be taken. 

Does Sewage Damage Only Include Water Contaminated with Human Feces?


Category 3 or black water includes water that may contain human waste and infectious pathogens. However, the toxicity may also come from industrial chemicals or fertilizer run-off and other hazardous materials. This would likely be the type of black water that comes from overflowing rivers or lakes.

Call us immediately so our certified and trained water damage technicians can remediate the situation right away.


The restoration process doesn’t have to be complicated. We take care of everything for you, simplifying the process and ensuring your property is restored as quickly as possible.


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Sewage damage can’t wait. We’ll immediately arrive on site equipped and ready to handle sewage of various scopes and sizes.



From cleanup, sanitation to making any needed repairs, we do all the work.



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