Reconstruction Services

A&J Is Your Restorer & General Contractor

After our restoration technicians have finished the restoration phase and have removed remediation equipment, we then start the reconstruction phase. A benefit to you is to have one company oversee and guide the entire process from beginning to end. This will eliminate downtime and speed up the entire project.







When a fire, flood, or storm wreaks havoc on your home or commercial building, the damage is not always limited to just a water or fire cleanup job. Your residence may require replacement of drywall, windows, or roofing. And on larger scale projects, repairs or replacement of a weakened structure could be necessary to your home or building. Instead of just tending to a mess made, more often the process of returning to normal life progresses from assessment to restoration to reconstruction.

Should the Same Contractor Handle Restoration and Reconstruction?

Keep It Organized

When we take care of your restoration and reconstruction project for you, you have 24/7 live access to project notes the technicians and project managers are taking in the field.

Speed It Up

As your general contractor, we line up our construction partners that your project requires while finishing the restoration process. This reduces downtime between the restoration phase and the reconstruction phase.

Know Whom to Trust

We have extensive experience working with reconstruction experts in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. We would never recommend a company for your project that we did not fully trust.

More questions about the process?

Let us answer your questions about reconstruction after the emergency fire and water restoration, sewage cleanup, black mold removal or other restoration services have been performed.

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