Brookfield WI


Brookfield WI

A Business City On The Rise

Brookfield WI has over 200 years of history. Despite its first glance as a solely historic city, this city is on the rise as a business hub. With 2 major companies headquartering in Brookfield, there are plenty of employment and growth opportunities to this city of 38,000 residents.

Such fast developing cities are no strangers to sudden water damage. That is why A&J Restoration is proud to service Brookfield WI with 24/7 damage restoration services.

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Centre of The Arts

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts offers great artistic performances that are very highly rated by all the visitors.

Beautiful Parks

Fox Brook Park is one of the most famous parks in the town. It is great for families, friends, and hikes in nature.

Great Escape Rooms

Breakout Games offers some of the most entertaining escape rooms you will ever partake in.

Top Three Things to do in Brookfield WI

1) Go indoor rock climbing.

Adventure Rock is a modern indoor rock climbing center that is great fun for casual climbing as well as advanced climbers that are looking for a unique challenge. Bring your family or set a challenge for yourself. 

2) Try your hand at minigolf.

Minigolf requires a lot of skill but offers awesome fun. Whether you are looking for a fun day with friends, want to take your family out for a fun time, or are looking to test your own skills: Brookfield offers awesome mini-golf pitches.

3)  Try the local brews.

Craft brewing is sweeping the country and Brookfield has some of the finest. Biloba Brewing Company is one of the most famous spots in town, and for a good reason. Come out and try a brew that will surprise you with its rich flavors.


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