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Water Damage Brookfield WI

24/7 Water Restoration Services in Brookfield WI

Water Damage Brookfield WI almost always happens very fast without the property owners even realizing. The source of the damage can be something as simple as a frozen or a burst pipe, leaky dishwasher, or something more serious like a flooded basement. Regardless of the source, it needs to be acted upon quickly. Otherwise it can lead to loss of the structural integrity of the construction materials, as well as cause rotting, mold, and put you in risk of electrical shock.

Acting fast is the best way to minimize the damages. Call A&J Restoration for fast water damage cleaning and restoration services.

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All of our team members are IICRC certified and experienced in water damage restoration of various scopes and sizes.

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A&J Restoration teams are equiped with the best water removal and drying equipment in the industry.

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What to Do When Dealing with Water Damage in Your Brookfield Property

1) SAFETY FIRST! Turn OFF Electricity from the Electrical Box

Electricity is very dangerous. Electrical shocks can lead to permanent disabilities and death. So to stay safe, before you go near a water-affected area, find out where and how you can turn off the electricity in that area of the building. In case it is not possible, do not go into the affected area. In some cases, the water level can reach above the electrical sockets on floors and walls. When it is like that DO NOT TOUCH! Do not unplug any electrical devices until you are certain that the area is no longer connected to the electric grid. 

2) Stop the Water Source

The majority of the most common causes of water damage like broken supply lines and burst or faulty pipes usually have a water valve. If you know what is the source of the water, shut it off right away. If by any chance you do not know where the water valve is call your plumber and ask for their assistance in locating it. Professional plumbers will guide you through this process quickly and easily. This way you will prevent significant damages across your property, saving your possessions, time, and money. 

Once there is water present on your property, time is your worst enemy. Areas like ceiling tiles, surrounding furniture, carpets and rugs, wooden floors, drywall, and others are at risk of serious long-term damage. To prevent that they need to be treated quickly by a water restoration professional.

3) Call A Professional Restoration Company AND Your Insurance Company

If you shut the power off, as well as the water supply, you should call your locally trusted water restoration professionals like A&J Property Restoration. By reaching out early you can save your Brookfield WI property from significant amounts of water damage.

As soon as you get off the phone with us, your next call should go straight to your insurance provider. Submit your claim early and have it ready for the restoration company upon their arrival.

4) Take Pictures of the Damaged Area(s)

Take as many pictures as you can. This step will help both you and your insurance provider to keep track of your insurance claim. If, and only if, the area is safe and secure take photos of the source, as well as all the affected areas like walls, ceilings, electronics, and any other items that you intend to list on your insurance claim. 

5) Remove All Light or Movable Items

Water can quickly infiltrate into porous materials making them significantly heavier. While keeping your health and safety in mind, you can start moving light movable furniture that might be in the way of the water restoration process. In the case, that water oversoaked them and made them too heavy protect your back and leave them to the water restoration professionals. Remember, always keep your own personal safety as the #1 priority.

6) Remove the Water

It is nearly impossible to remove all the water manually but even just reducing the amount will significantly help in minimizing damages. When trying to remove water, use a wet vacuum, towels, or a mop to remove as much of the water as possible, as quickly as possible. The moment our team arrives they will take over and remove whatever you personally could not.

Water Extraction Brookfield WI

Water Extraction Brookfield

Water needs to be removed from your property as soon as possible via water extraction services. Prolonged exposure to water leads to building materials losing their structural integrity and rotting. It also creates the perfect environment for dangerous mold growth. By acting quickly you can greatly reduce the damage your property suffers. 

Call A&J Restoration the moment you find water on your Brookfield property. We work 24/7/365 to protect our local Brookfield community from escalating water damage.

Our team uses advanced, state-of-the-art equipment which helps them remove the standing water quickly and effectively. On top of that, all of them are certified, trained, and experienced water restoration professionals. 

COMPLETE WATER DAMAGE Cleanup in Brookfield

The restoration process is simple and easy when working with A&J Restoration We take care of everything for you, simplifying the process and ensuring your Brookfield property is restored as quickly as possible.


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From the initial free water damage inspection, water extraction, drying & dehumidification, to complete and detailed water damage repairs: A&J Restoration does it all. 



Your home is now in the hands of true water restoration professionals. All you need to do is sit back and relax. 

The 3 most common Types of Water Damage Brookfield WI

The Industry Publication known as the S500 defines three types of of water loss categories. Know what type you are dealing with so you can protect the health of your family or the building occupants.

broken pipe water damage

Category 1: Clean Water

This category includes water damage that typically comes from a leaky faucet, broken or frozen supply line, refrigerator water supply line, failed water heaters, coffee maker supply lines, and other similar sources. These are the so-called Category 1 Clean Water Losses.

Examples: Faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, etc.

appliance malfunction repair company

Category 2: Gray Water

The second category involves dealing with water that has been used to clean something and may contain contaminations such as food residues, detergents, bacteria, and oils. Grey water can be dangerous and full of pathogens.

Examples: Dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with urine, etc.

storm damage

Category 3: Black Water or Sewage

Black Water or Sewage Loss is water that is grossly unsanitary and hazardous. Ingesting even the smallest amout could result in serious illness or death. Refer to our sewage cleanup page for more information.

Examples: Sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, stagnant liquid, etc.

Water Damage Repairs

Once all the water from your property has been removed, oversaturated materials are thrown away, and the area is dry and dehumidified we need to finish the job by repairing the damaged areas. Water damage repairs vary according to different sources of damage, the extent of the damage, and many other factors. That is why it is crucial to have a water restoration company like A&J Restoration that can provide you with comprehensive water damage repairs. 

Our team of skilled craftsmen can easily fix any and all water damages your Brookfield WI property might have suffered. That includes drywall patching or replacements, plumbing fixes, floorboard repairs, and replacements, and everything else that might be necessary to return your property to its pre-disaster state if not even better. 

Water Damage Repairs Brookfield WI

Do not Ignore a problem and let it grow…

The risks to your property and health grow with each minute that the property is exposed to water. Protect it from rot, mold, and structural instability by acting fast! 

The walls might feel completely dry to touch, but the chances are there is water infiltrated inside the material. That in turn leads to serious long-term damage like mold and rot. When you suffer water damage and don’t hire a professional water damage restoration company, you will most probably have secondary damages all over the property.

To ensure that your property is not at risk of rot and mold it is necessary to have the proper tools, drying equipment, and restoration cleaning experience. Contact us today to avoid future headaches and save yourself precious time and money.