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Fitchburg WI


Fitchburg WI

A mix of the urban with the rural

Fitchburg WI is surrounded by beautiful rural areas so typical of Wisconsin, but is quite urban and with its proximity to Madison there is always something to do. It is considered to be a suburban area of Madison, despite being a self-sufficient city with over 30 000 residents. The city is well known to be family friendly with many rural surroundings to discover. For a large portion of its history Fitchburg was a town, but annexation attempts by Madison made it officially turn to incorporation. It took a supreme court decision but Fitchburg officially incorporated into a city in 1983.

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A Rich Brewing Scene

Fitchburg prides itself on its rich brewing scene. There is plenty of local breweries but The Great Dane Pub is the most popular one.

Beautiful Parks

McGaw park is by far the most famous park in the city and is well known to be clean, well maintained, and safe. A perfect park for a family day.

Awesome Bowling Allies

Bowling is one of America's favorite sports, and Wisconsin is known to be above the national standard with its love for it. Fitchburg is no exception.

Top Three Things to do in Fitchburg WI

1) Visit the McGaw Park

McGaw Park is a local favorite as it offers great trails, picnic sites, and kid-friendly areas. When you are itching for a break from city life, McGaw Park is the ideal place to visit and recharge your batteries. 

2) Visit the Yahara Bay Distilleries

Yahara Bay Distilleries is a must-visit for all whiskey lovers. They are known to make some of the best whisky in the entire state, and not only can you taste their great product but you can also explore the distillery and see the production process itself.

3)  Visit Pump It Up

There is no better place to spend your kid’s energy as well as your own. A large entertainment complex that is full of trampolines, foam pools, laser tag arenas, and more. 


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