Water Damage Fitchburg


Water Damage Fitchburg

Water Damage Fitchburg needs to be dealt with quickly

When your Fitchburg home or business is affected by water damage, you may think it is enough to blot up the water and call it a day. However, water damage is prone to causing a number of secondary damages that can affect both your health and the property’s structure. That is why it is crucial to act fast in cases of water damage. A&J Restoration is always here to answer your call for water damage restoration services.

We are the most trusted water restoration company in Fitchburg, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

IICRC Certifed

The entire A&J team is licensed and certified by IICRC, giving us the confidence to handle all water damage restoration projects.

Advanced Equipment

A&J Restoration prides itself in always having the most advanced, industrial grade water removal and dehumidification equipment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed​

Our team works non-stop until you, the client, are more than happy with our services. Our customer service is unmatched.

What to Do When Dealing with Water Damage On Your Fitchburg Property

1) SAFETY FIRST! Turn OFF Electricity from the Electrical Box

Water and electricity are never a good mix. Do not enter the space where there is water damage if you do not turn off the main power switch. In certain cases, the water level reaches above the electrical sockets on floors and walls. When it is like that DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! Do not unplug any electrical devices until you are certain that the area is no longer connected to the electric grid. Find out how to unplug the entire area from the grid before even considering entering.

2) Stop the Water Source

Is the source of the water damage known to you? For example, a burst or faulty pipe, broken sprinkler system, or a broken supply line in a coffee maker or refrigeration, shut off the water right away. It is always best to find your master water valve and shut down the water supply to the area. This will prevent significant damages across your property. Immediately call a plumber if you do not know how or where to find the water shut off. Professional plumbers will guide you through this process quickly and easily.

If the water damage has already occurred, time is your worst enemy. Areas like ceiling tiles, surrounding furniture, carpets and rugs, wooden floors, drywall, and others are a risk of serious long-term damage if not treated quickly by a water restoration professional.

3) Call A Professional Restoration Company AND Your Insurance Company

Once the electricity and water are shut off, your next step should be to call your trusted water restoration professionals: A&J Property Restoration. As soon as you call us we will dispatch a professional to inspect your Fitchburg property.

While you are waiting on our team to arrive, your next call is your insurance provider. Submitting your claim early will help you along with the entire process. Once you do have it ready for the restoration company upon their arrival.

4) Take Pictures of the Damaged Area(s)

Photo documentation is essential in getting your insurance claim. Take as many pictures as you can. Without endangering yourself, take photos of the source as well as all the affected areas like the walls, ceilings, electronics, and any other item you would like to list on your insurance claim (if applicable).

5) Remove All Light or Movable Items

You can speed up the process by removing any object that could be in the way of the water restoration process. Start with the light movable furniture, but be careful.  Water soaks items and makes them very heavy. If you are struggling to move items, leave them for the technicians. Always keep your own personal safety as the #1 priority.

6) Remove the Water

Try to remove the water that you can. Use buckets, towels, and water vacuums if you have them. While we will remove the water as a part of the restoration process, any drop that is removed can help in reducing the overall property damage.


The entire water restoration process can be headache free when you work with true professionals. We will take care of everything for you, simplifying the process and ensuring your Fitchburg property is restored as quickly as possible.


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The 3 most common Types of Water Damage

The Industry Publication known as the S500 defines three specific types of water loss categories. If you know what you are dealing with you can protect the health of your family or the building occupants.

broken pipe water damage

Category 1: Clean Water

This includes water damage that typically comes from a leaky faucet, broken or frozen supply line, refrigerator water supply line, failed water heaters, coffee maker supply lines, and other similar sources. These are Category 1 Clean Water Losses.

Examples: Faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, etc.

appliance malfunction repair company

Category 2: Gray Water

When you are dealing with water that has been used to clean something and may contain contaminations such as food residues, detergents, bacteria, and oils, you are dealing with Gray Water damage.

Examples: Dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with urine, etc.

storm damage

Category 3: Black Water or Sewage

Black Water or Sewage Loss is a very serious issue. This is water that is grossly unsanitary and hazardous. If ingested it could cause serious illness or death. Refer to our sewage cleanup page for more information.

Examples: Sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, stagnant liquid, etc.

Do not Sit on a problem and let it Get Worse…

The longer that the water sits, the greater the risk of mold, rot, and structural instability. 

Even though the walls might feel dry to touch, the chances are that there are large amounts of water infiltrated inside the building materials. This almost always results in serious long-term damage like mold, rot, and structural instability. And to make things worse, not acting can be considered negligence and be the basis for denying your insurance claim.

It is essential to have the proper tools, drying equipment, and restoration cleaning experience to determine that the area is dry. This prevents mold growth and rot. Contact us today to avoid future headaches and save yourself precious time and money. 

Matterport 3D Camera Technology

What is it and why we use it

Matterport 3D Camera Technology: What is it?

Matterport is the industry leader in 3D camera capture technology. While this might not sound exciting or familiar, chances are you have seen this technology in action. Currently it’s very popular in real estate listings and other types of industries where consumers can take 3D tours of homes, buildings and even outdoor environments, such as parks. The experience is similar to that enjoyed in applications such as Google Maps Street View.

Matterport’s experience goes even farther by allowing us to take the regular 2D photos we get using their AI-powered image-processing technology and turning them into a 3D, 360-degree model of your commercial building or residence.

Why We Use Matterport’s Technology in Restoration

While it may be really cool to see, you might be wondering what practical applications it has for disaster restoration and recovery purposes. Here are a few of the best examples of why it helps us tackle your loss:

1. As the subject matter experts working on the affected area, we can now provide commercial building owners, managers and their insurance companies a complete walkthrough of the area that requires attention. This camera footage can also be kept on file for future insurance-related questions and concerns.

2. During the reconstruction process, it helps our team with addressing questions, filing insurance claims and even helping us determine the materials we need to complete the work.

3. It allows us to revisit the site over and over again without having to physically leave our office. This can cut several hours of wasted travel time and make our work and process more efficient.

See It In Action

Matterport’s 3D camera technology has been used to produce a virtual tour of the apartment model at New Fountains Apartment Homes in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.