Smoke Damage Cleaning


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Smoke damage requires the help of a professional company

When faced with a fire related disaster, there is more than one source of damage you will have to deal with. That includes fire damage, water damage and smoke damage.
Smoke and soot infiltrate most of the surrounding areas and can be toxic to breathe. It can also cause irreversible corrosion to glass surfaces like mirrors and windows, and is a source of serious malodors.

Call the experts at A&J when you need professional smoke cleaning and smoke deodorization services.

Do You Need Smoke Damage Restoration Services?

A&J Property Restoration is here to help, day or night, 24/7/365. Call us for immediate service. We help restore your space to its pre-loss condition! 

Dangers Of Smoke Damage

Smoke is made up of burnt particles of various materials and chemicals that were found on your property. The hot air lifts them up and brings these toxic particles in contact with almost all the surfaces in your property and beyond. More porous materials suffer the most damage. Some of the materials that will suffer include:

Windows & Doors

Clothing & Linen


Drapes & Curtains

Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

1) Initial Inspection

As soon as you call A&J Property Restoration we will dispatch a certified technician to perform an initial inspection of the affected areas to determine the key places to work on. They will also provide you with a time and cost estimate. 

2) Smoke Damage Clean-up

Following the inspection, we get started on the smoke damage cleaning right away. By using the appropriate technique and top-of-the-line equipment we will thoroughly remove any trace of smoke and soot. 

3) Smoke Deodorization 

A big part of the smoke damage cleaning process is getting rid of the stubborn smell that lingers after a fire.  This is a part of the process that requires specialized equipment like thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators. A&J has everything needed to clear the air.

4) Smoke Damage Repairs

After the area has been cleaned and deodorized it will need to be properly repaired. A&J Property Restoration has the skilled craftsmen and technicians necessary to perform this quickly and efficiently. We also offer comprehensive fire damage restoration services

Choose A&J For Smoke damage cleaning services

Our team is professional, certified, and highly trained to handle smoke damages. You can trust A&J Restore to handle your property with care. 


Certified technicians

All of our team members are certified and highly trained. When it comes to smoke damage cleaning expertise you can count on A&J to be leaders in the industry.


EXPERT Smoke damage cleaning

We are your #1 locally trusted smoke damage cleaning company. Our expert team is ready to handle any and all smoke damage cases. 


Emergency Response

Our phone lines are open 24/7 to handle any emergency restoration cases. This means that your property will receive the attention it needs within minutes of your phone call.   

Smoke Deodorization & Smoke Odor Removal

There are several types of smoke damage, and it is key to know how to handle each individually. 

Depending on the source of the smoke, different techniques will need to be used to get rid of the persistent smoke odor. Here at A&J Property Restoration, we are prepared to handle and identify any source of smoke damage to perform thorough smoke deodorization and smoke odor removal. Each case is different but in general, we will use wet scrubbing, dry scrubbing, thermal fogging, and hydroxyl generators to effectively remove odors without causing any further damage to your property.

When A&J Property Restoration finishes with the smoke deodorization process your property will smell brand new once again. 

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