Madison WI


Madison WI

Where tradition meets innovation.

The area where Madison WI is situated now was populated as early as 12,000 years ago. The city is truly historic, making this state capitol a truly unique and interesting place to live, as well as visit. Madison WI's more recent history reaches back to 1829 when a former federal judge bought a piece of land near Lakes Mendota and Monona. Today, the city is a modern hub with almost 270,000 residents and offers a lively nightlife, food scene, and one of the best universities in the entire US.

Come and see discover yourself what makes Madison such a unique and vibrant city.

A Lively Art Scene

Madison WI is home to the Overture Center for the Arts and many more art institutions.

Rich In Parks

Madison has more parks and hike trails per capita than any other city in the top 100 cities in the US.

Home Of Education

Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is one of the highest-rated universities in the country.

The Top Three Things to do in Madison WI

1) Visit the Wisconsin State Capital

This beautiful monument is only rivaled by the capitol in DC. Completed in 1917, the stunning Roman Renaissance-style building will take your breath away. 

2) Visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Madison is known for its parks, and this botanical garden is the best one of all. Rich in diverse flora from around the world, this little pocket of nature will take you to exotic places without ever having to leave Madison WI. 

3)  Visit the Henry Vilas Zoo

The Henry Vilas Zoo is one of the best in the state. Full of exotic animals, educational content, and more, it is the perfect site to take your children or to go by yourself. 


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