Code Red Program

A plan that prioritizes you and your safety. Everything you need to be prepared to minimize damages in case of an emergency: your property data, shut off information, contact and documentation in just one location.

Business Continuity Planning for Commercial Facilities

No one is ever truly protected against a natural disaster. They can happen to anyone, anytime. That is why having an emergency preparedness plan for your business is key! 

With our Code REd platform not only do we help you with the plan but you also get priority status for restoration. This will greatly help you against not recovering from disaster consequences in the due time.

A&J Property Restoration surveys your site and collects all the necessary information in order to come up with an effective disaster mitigation plan. Thus, when an emergency is here, not a minute of valuable time is wasted – we are ready to respond with the right equipment, labor, and knowledge. Don’t forget, members of our Top Priority Program receive preference for emergency restoration services in case of an area-wide disaster, helping your business get up and running in no time.   

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The help you need, the second you need it

A&J’s Emergency Restoration Services App is designed to help you save valuable minutes in a restoration emergency. The App features a click to call feature which will connect you with A&J technicians 24/7.

Watch the video to learn how the A&J App can help make sure you and your staff are prepared for an emergency.

Code Red Program

Put your business first and get a priority response in case of a disaster.

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Your Complete Disaster Prepardness Program - At The Tip Of Your Fingers

100% Online Disaster Platform

Get access to our unique online disaster preparedness tool for all commercial facilities. We assist you in preparing, executing, and planning for the inevitable future damage to your facility.

Minimize Disruption

Did you know that 1 in 4 businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen? Plan ahead to minimize disruptions and keep your business going. 

Priority Service

As a member of the Emergency Response Plan you have priority access to our services in the event of an emergency. 

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The A&J Emergency Restoration Services app is available for FREE on Apple and Android devices.

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We know as well as anyone that technology can be tricky! Give us a call at 800-727-8990 and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

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Is Your Business Prepared?

Does your company or business have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)? Save precious minutes in a restoration emergency by joining our Code Red Immediate Response Program. We sit down with you and prepare a restoration emergency response plan for your business or facility. This ensures the fastest response time to any emergency you have. Time is your worst enemy in a loss – talk with a representative today!