Fire Board-Up


Fire Damage

Fire Board-Up Prevents Further Damages

Dealing with a property fire is at the very least traumatizing and exhausting. But unfortunately the troubles with your property do not stop with the fire itself. Your property is now left vulnerable and exposed to the elements, vandals, wildlife, and more. To prevent further damages to what is left of your property, you need to hire a professional fire restoration company that offers emergency fire board up services.

A&J Property Restoration provides emergency fire board-up services so that your property is secured and protected from further incidents. Call now.

Do You Need Immediate Fire Board Up & Tarping?

A&J Property Restoration is here to help, day or night, 24/7/365. Call us for immediate service. We help restore your space to its pre-loss condition! 

Types Of Fire Damage

Water Damage

After a fire is extinguished there is standing water everywhere. This can cause further damages to the rest of your property if it isn't extracted quickly.

Fire Damage

After we remove the standing water from your property, our team will begin to clean up and identify any fire damage to create a fire restoration plan.

Smoke Damage

Smoke will infiltrate all the surrounding materials and is almost impossible to remove it without advanced techniques and equipment.

Fire Board-Up Process

1) Emergency Response

You can call A&J Property Restoration at any time of day or night. We are ready to respond to your phone call 24/7. Our team of experts will be on its way to your property within minutes of your phone call. 

2) Fire Damage Inspection

Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your property to identify all the key areas that need to be boarded up. Once the inspection is done we can formulate a detailed fire restoration plan. 

3) Fire Board-Up And Roof Tarping

Following the inspection, we will get started on closing any and all openings on your property that might lead to damage due to the elements, vandals, or wildlife. The windows and entryways will be board up with plywood, while if there is some damage to your roof we will use tarps to make sure that no water or debris enter your property. Our thorough fire board up services ensure that your property is protected.

4) Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration

After securing your property A&J Property Restore will get started with the rest of the fire damage restoration. Our team works quickly and professionally to make sure your property gets back to its pre-fire state as soon as it is possible. 

Choose A&J For board-up services

Our team is professional, certified, and highly trained to handle property damages. You can trust A&J Restore to handle your property with care. 


Certified technicians

All of our team members are certified and highly trained. When it comes to expertise you can count on A&J to be leaders in the industry.



A&J uses the most modern techniques of fire board-up and tarping to ensure your property is truly protected from possible secondary damages. 


Emergency Response

Our phone lines are open 24/7 to handle any emergency restoration cases. The restoration experts will be dispatched within minutes of the phone call.  

The Fire Restoration Company you can trust

A&J has the experience to handle restoration from initial fire board up to final reconstruction.

Even though your property suffered a fire, the damage can still get worse. It is important to react fast and to have a professional fire restoration company respond quickly. Our team has handled many cases which allows us to quickly come up with solutions and predict what the possible problems could be. After the initial emergency services are provided, our team is ready to handle the rest of the project in its entirety.

As we mentioned earlier, fire damage often involves water damage, as well as smoke, so it is crucial to have a company that can handle all aspects. This will not only speed up the process but will also simplify the restoration project.

Fire Restoration Services