Water Damage Madison


Water Damage Madison

Water Damage Madison is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with quickly!

Water Damage Madison WI can be caused by something as simple as a frozen or a burst pipe or leaky dishwasher, or something more serious like a flooded basement. Whatever the cause, the result can be severely damaging. Not only can this compromise the structural integrity of your property, it can also cause rotting, mold, as well as put you in risk of electrocution hazards.

A quick response is the best thing you can do for your property. Call the team at A&J Restoration for reliable water damage cleaning and restoration services in Madison WI and surrounding areas.

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Our team is IICRC certified and experienced in water damage restoration of various scopes and sizes.

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We have access to the best water removal and drying equipment in the industry.

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What to Do When Dealing with Water Damage in Your Madison Property

1) SAFETY FIRST! Turn OFF Electricity from the Electrical Box

Before you go into an area, find out if you can turn off the electricity in the affected area of the building. If you cannot, do not venture into the space. In cases when the water level is above the electrical sockets on floors and walls, DO NOT TOUCH! Only after electricity is turned off, you can unplug all electronics to ensure that you will avoid shock.

2) Stop the Water Source

If you know the source of the water, especially if it is a burst or faulty pipe, broken sprinkler system, or a broken supply line in a coffee maker or a refrigerator, shut off the water right away. Locate your water valve and shut down the water supply. This will prevent significant damages across your property. Immediately call a plumber if you do not know how or where to find the water shut off. Professional plumbers will guide you through this process quickly and easily.

If the water damage has already occurred, time is your worst enemy. Areas like ceiling tiles, surrounding furniture, carpets and rugs, wooden floors, drywall, and others are a risk of serious long-term damage if not treated quickly by a water restoration professional.

3) Call A Professional Restoration Company AND Your Insurance Company

Your next step is calling your trusted water restoration professionals like A&J Property Restoration. The faster you call us, the quicker we will get started on dealing with water damage on your Madison property.

While our team of professionals is on the way, your next call should go straight to your insurance provider. Submit your claim early and have it ready for the restoration company upon their arrival.

4) Take Pictures of the Damaged Area(s)

Take as many pictures as you can. This will help you and your insurance company throughout the insurance claim process. When possible, without endangering yourself, take photos of the source as well as the affected area like walls, ceilings, electronics, and any other item you would like to list on your insurance claim (if applicable).

5) Remove All Light or Movable Items

While keeping your safety in mind, you can start moving light movable furniture that might be in the way of the water restoration process. Water soaks items and makes them very heavy. If you are struggling to move items, leave them for the technicians. Always keep your own personal safety as the #1 priority.

6) Remove the Water

When trying to remove water, use a wet vacuum, towels, or a mop to remove as much of the water as possible. Restoration technicians will be able to remove the water but any immediate actions will help reduce additional damages.

water extraction services

Water Removal Services

When your property is taking on water, you have to act fast. The moisture will continue to cause damage for as long as it stays in contact with the fixtures and structures of your home or business. For these situations, we recommend calling us for expert water removal services.

A&J Property Restoration responds 24/7 to provide professional water extraction. Our moisture control team will utilize advanced water removal vacuums, pumps, and mats to ensure that not a single drop is missed. 

Partnering with a trained water extraction company ensures that secondary damages are avoided. We have the equipment and expertise needed to get your space back in order. Call us today to begin the water removal process ASAP!

The 3 most common Types of Water Damage Madison

The Industry Publication known as the S500 defines three types of of water loss categories. Know what type you are dealing with so you can protect the health of your family or the building occupants.

broken pipe water damage

Category 1

Water damage that typically comes from a leaky faucet, broken or frozen supply line, refrigerator water supply line, failed water heaters, coffee maker supply lines, and other similar sources are considered Category 1 Clean Water Losses.

Examples: Faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, etc.

appliance malfunction repair company

Category 2

A Gray Water Loss is dealing with water that has been used to clean something and may contain contaminations such as food residues, detergents, bacteria, and oils.

Examples: Dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with urine, etc.

storm damage

Category 3

Black Water or Sewage Loss is water that is grossly unsanitary and hazardous. If ingested it could cause serious illness or death. Refer to our sewage cleanup page for more information.

Examples: Sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, stagnant liquid, etc.


The restoration process doesn’t have to be complicated when working with a professional company. We will take care of everything for you, simplifying the process and ensuring your Madison property is restored as quickly as possible.



We’ll arrive on-site ASAP. Our team is equipped and ready to handle water damage of various scopes and sizes.


Water Restoration

From the initial inspection, water extraction and drying to making any needed repairs, we do all the work. 



You can relax knowing your home is well on its way to be restored back to a safe environment. 

Water Damage Repairs

Following a major water loss, your property may not look or feel the same. This is because water is one of nature’s most destructive forces. When in contact with your space, the water can wreak havoc that will eventually require water damage repairs to resolve.

A&J Property Restoration is your one-stop solution for water restoration, including the necessary water damage repairs. Our crew is comprised of expert craftsmen with the attention to detail and experience required to bring your home or business back to life.

Count on us to make water repairs that complement the existing structures of your home, while returning full functionality to the premises. Call us today for a water damage repair inspection!

water damage repairs

Do not sit on a problem and let it grow…

The longer the water sits, the greater the risk of mold and rot. 

Even if the walls feel dry to touch, the chances are there is water infiltrated inside the material which will result in serious long-term damage like mold and rot. If you experience water damage and didn’t hire a professional water damage restoration company, chances are that you will have to deal with that later on.

It is necessary to have the proper tools, drying equipment, and restoration cleaning experience to determine that the area is dry and mold growth will not follow. Contact us today to avoid future headaches and save yourself precious time and money.