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Avoiding Costly Pinterest Fails

Avoiding Pinterest Fails

When I visit my favorite website, Pinterest, I often feel as if I’m getting the best tips and tricks from some pretty crafty geniuses.

Then I start telling my co-worker how to take care of the marks her dresser left on her master bedroom carpet, and she kindly reminds me that putting ice cubes on the floor to “lift” out the leg marks puts water into her carpet and she would start the process of mold growing between the carpet and pad… or maybe putting barn board in the bathroom ceiling isn’t the best place for my “accent wall” (uhh… untreated wood + shower moisture = mold).

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When it comes to my most favorite site in the whole world, the crafty geniuses aren’t always geniuses. I have been saving and hacking pins for a while now and not only have I mastered some pins, I have failed miserably at others. If you want to check out some pretty hilarious Pinterest projects gone bad — check out this link!

Not only is it disappointing when your project doesn’t turn out, it can also lead to damage in your home. Mixing ingredients improperly or applying your Pinterest concoction to different types of materials (wool v. nylon) could cause you a costly fail. We’d rather not have your project featured on the Pinterest Project Gone Bad page so give us a call at 800-727-8990 before you apply those home remedies to your carpet and we’ll do our best to save you from a fail.

by Jocelyn Dornfeld, Property Restoration