Looking Like A Brand New Commercial Business After Cleaning Up Water Damage

If you’re a business owner in the Milwaukee area, you know all too well the volatile nature of running a storefront during COVID-19. Maybe you’ve been forced to restrict waiting area sizes or even shut down completely. One thing is for sure: If you are a business owner in 2020, you are a winner through and through. During this quarantine downtime, you may have found yourself thinking more and more about the products and services you provide. Maybe “ah ha” moments have struck you and you’ve restricted the way you do business, creating a better environment for both you and your customers. If not, now is a great time to begin thinking about each touch point your clients and customers have. 

A growing area of research and discussion is the area of experience management. Basically, the quality of someone’s experience should be managed and evaluated at each stage of the business-consumer interaction. One important touch point in physical storefronts is the cleanliness of the storefront itself. You likely know the story all too well. Picture this: You walk into a dentist’s office and get a checkup. It’s a new office, but the dentist and your hygienist are exceptional. However, you notice one of the walls is brown, cracked, and molding. The baseboards are crumbling and you’re feeling a little less excited about your cavity-free trip. Not a pretty sight. 

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup In Milwaukee 

Even though this seems like a small thing, every customer-facing interaction creates a web of impressions that the customer remembers. Even if they had an otherwise positive experience, the dirty bathroom can be a complete turn off. Here are a few reasons why the commercial water damage cleanup experts at A&J believe now is the best time to take care of and clean up water damage in your Milwaukee business: 

#1. Timing 

While customers are eating at home and working remotely, fewer people are likely visiting your business. What better time to repair and clean up old water damage in your commercial business?

#2. Higher Retention Rates 

Faithful customers will come back with a more favorable impression when unsightly water damage is cleaned up. Happy customers = Better business. 

#3. More Flexible Timetable

Since customers aren’t in and out of storefronts as much, you can plan cleanup around your schedule, maximize your time at work and provide the most convenience. 

#4. Less Interruption For Customers

Another benefit of flexible scheduling is that customers won’t need to be bothered by loud drilling and maintenance. We all know how annoying that can be!

#5. Beat The Rush

Many business owners are choosing to coast during this downtime and not taking advantage of the time to make repairs and update business practices. When there is an uptick in the amount of people going out into public, more store owners will be calling for repairmen. Instead, beat the rush by securing important services now before services are in high demand. 

Regardless of your approach to your commercial water damage cleanup during these uncertain times so far, you can take charge by removing mold, mildew, crumbling baseboards, and soft drywall. A&J Restores is ready to tackle all of your commercial water damage cleanup needs in Minneapolis