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Can you add to the list? Ideas for Restoring Kindness

JULY is our focus month for #RestoringKindness! Obviously we should all be looking for ways to be kind each and every day but focusing on it for a month can help kick start the habit of looking for ways to care for others.

If you follow along on the RestoringKindness social media accounts, you’ve likely seen Countdown to Kindness ideas on your newsfeed. We listed more than 20 ways to show kindness to those around you. If you missed them, here they are, all in one place!

These ideas are just a fraction of the millions of ways we can spread kindness. We’re sure you have some pretty awesome ideas and we want to hear them! Leave your ideas in the comments section below this blog and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.


restoring kindness flower bouquet#1 Buy a few bouquets of flowers (or clip some from your garden) then head out in your

neighborhood or downtown and randomly give them to people. No joke, it’s quite a rush!

restoring kindness buy a cup of coffee for a stranger#2 Buy someone’s coffee for them. That latte looks delicious and you’re at the coffee shop anyway, why not pay for the person behind you. They’ll enjoy that coffee all that much more and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

restoring kindness campaign | use up your gift cards on strangers#3 Leave a gift card behind for someone to use. How many random gift cards have you had sitting in your purse or wallet for more than a year? Cover someone’s bill with it or leave it behind at the restaurant for someone to use. f

#5 Volunteer at a local food pantry garden. Gardens require a lot of work. Challenge your employees or coworkers to join you in spending a few hours helping at a local food pantry garden.

restoring kindness leave a big tip for a waitress or waiter#6 Leave a bigger tip than usual. This one is pretty self explanatory and can go a long way in making a hard working server’s day!

#7 Make peace with someone. It may not be a very enjoyable conversation, but oh the freedom you will both feel when you make peace. Be the bigger person today.

restoring kindness is leaving a gift basket with goodies#8 Leave a gift basket at your neighbor’s doorstep. We love the idea of a movie night theme. Include a dvd, some popcorn and they’re in for a fun evening!

#9 Give someone walking in the rain your umbrella. Most of us keep an umbrella under our car seat in case it starts to rain. If you see someone walking in the rain, pull over and offer them your umbrella.

#10 Pick up groceries for a young mom. We almost all know women who are juggling running their household, working and taking care of multiple little ones. Call her up and ask her to give you her grocery list. It will take you half the time it would take her and she’ll be super encouraged!

restoring kindness is mowing your neighbors lawn#11 Mow the neighbor’s lawn. The grass always seems to grow twice as fast as it should. While you’re out taking care of your lawn, leave some extra time to mow the neighbor’s lawn too.

#12 Buy a couple of glasses of lemonade from the neighborhood kid’s lemonade stand. We all remember what it was like to be a young, hopeful entrepreneur. $10 to you isn’t much but to that kid, it’s a fortune.

#13 Give someone your seat, let someone go in front of you in line or hold the door for someone. They’re all simple, common courtesies but they’re often overlooked and forgotten in this day and age.

restoring kindness by donating kids toys#14 Donate baby toys and gear. If your kids are grown, you likely don’t need all that baby gear anymore. Donate it to a local mom’s service. In Madison, Care Net Pregnancy Center could always use those types of items.

#15 Donate unused toiletries to a local shelter. Staying at a hotel anytime soon? Hang on to that unused shampoo, conditioner and soap. The hotel can’t use it anymore anyway. Drop it off at a local shelter.

restoring kindness by holding a clothing drive#16 Hold a clothing drive at your office. Encourage your colleagues to bring in their gently used clothing items and then donate them to a local shelter.

#17 Leave an encouraging comment on a blog post. There are so many negative messages on the internet these days, why not leave a positive comment on your favorite blogs. It will go a long way.

#18 Send flower to the receptionist at a neighboring office. Make sure to send them on a Monday to combat those Monday blues.

#19 Leave a kind note on someone’s car window. It may be just the encouraging boost they need that day!

#20 Send doughnuts to the office next door or your neighbor. Everyone loves those sweet treats and they won’t break the bank either!

Well there you have it! 20 of our #RestoringKindness ideas. Now let’s hear yours! Head over to our Restoring Kindness page to check out how you can get involved!