Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Still Requires Extensive Restoration

Why is commercial water damage different from residential damage? The first main difference is the type of building. Commercial property tends to be bigger than residential areas; consequently, a bigger building means more water. Commercial buildings are also used for business use. Residential homes vary in size and are just your typical family homes with regular plumbing. Commercial and residential water damage have different causes. Though there are similarities, there are different things to pay attention to. In addition, the water damage restoration process varies between commercial and residential properties.

Water Damage Restoration In Madison WI


The causes are similar between the two types of properties; however, commercial properties have more vulnerabilities since they are bigger. The first one being windows. Believe it or not, windows are the most common culprit of commercial water damage. Typically, businesses have more windows in the building than residential properties; therefore, the more windows the higher the chance of water entering the building. Unsealed or improper sealing of windows can cause many problems such as warped wood, mold growth, and weak walls. Caulk can wear down overtime, so simply applying more caulk around the window can prevent water damage.

Commercial properties generally have more pipes due to more bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Just like residential damage, leaky/broken pipes, frozen pipes, blockage or build up can destroy commercial property. Keep a lookout for signs of water damage in order to start the water damage restoration process as soon as possible. 

Business properties have other water appliances on a larger scale such as HVAC or sprinkler systems that cause damage. Overtime HVAC systems can deteriorate which will lead to water leaks. Constantly checking on the HVAC system for leaks or old hardware will decrease water damage problems from the HVAC system. Sprinkler systems are similar to broken and leaky pipes. They will affect your walls, floor, and ceilings. 


Water damage restoration in a commercial property is similar to residential clean up; however, it is just on a larger scale. First, timing is everything especially with commercial property. Have you ever watched a tv show or a movie where there was a small pipe leak or clogged toilet, but the man in charge ignored it? However, later in the show the pipe bursts or the toilet overflows and water goes everywhere. This can actually happen in real life. If you are a commercial property owner, don’t delay treating a leaky pipe or clogged toilet. Commercial property water damage can get worse faster than residential water damage. This is due to the size of the building, increased water use, and other potential risks. Therefore, it’s critical to contact water damage restoration professionals to treat the damage.

Next, extraction, drying, and disinfecting should occur. Many individuals believe they can carry out these processes alone, but it is best for you and your business to trust experts to clean up the mess. If these steps aren’t carried out properly or not fast enough, the commercial property can lose value due to damage. In addition, the worse the water damage gets the longer the clean up process. This can affect customers and business, so save yourself the time and the hassle and take care of the damage today. AJ Property Restoration in Madison WI specialize in commercial water damage restoration, so trust them to handle the damage