Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Company’s Anniversary Party

26d4e3_a9f1f6e37ae34cb7b3596aa6dae5416cPlanning your business’s anniversary party can be a daunting task. It’s the one time many of your valued clients will all be in one place with the focus on your company. When you’re a small business with a tight party planning budget, it can be even more challenging. However, with some careful planning and a dash of creativity, the perfect celebration to honor your clients is completely attainable.

The task of planning such a party is exactly what we, as A&J staff, took on this year, 2014 marks 30 years in business for A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI, which of course, is cause for celebration. The date was set for the beginning of June.

26d4e3_7186adcd5ba6455594e5d2942e7d50ffDeciding what to serve for food was a no-brainer. A&J Owner’s Kent and Lynn Rawhouser are well known for their delicious client barbecues. Kent first tried his hand at a barbecue smoker ten years ago and has since perfected his tender, juicy pulled-pork. One main planning item checked off the list.

Next up; swag bags. They’re a must-have at a company anniversary party. It’s another chance to show your clients, who got you to where you are, how much you appreciate them.

26d4e3_259b702384d14e1b876dd6b68f852776We went with custom-made anniversary t-shirts and Kent’s famous barbecue rub. While they weren’t huge gift bags, each bottle of seasoning was made by hand and labeled with care and who doesn’t love a good-looking t-shirt?

In addition to the swag bags, we wanted to have some games guests could play to win additional prizes. We created a “What Happened in 1984?” trivia game. Guests answered multiple-choice questions about events and pop culture. the year A&J opened, for a chance to win a pre-paid Visa gift card.

26d4e3_f37b520d9390411ea2d14fb8cd463bd1We also brought in a semi-trailer outfitted to resemble an office and a residential setting being flooded. It was visual and interactive for guests and allowed us to demonstrate first-hand how we respond to water damage.

While a company anniversary party focuses largely on thanking clients, we also took the opportunity to do something special for A&J founders Kent and Lynn. After all, it was their hard work throughout the past three decades that got us to this point. To get employees and clients involved we put a picture of them in a matte frame and set it out for guests and employees to sign. It was a surprise for Kent and Lynn and they treasured reading the sweet notes people wrote them.26d4e3_28ce2a590c23454ea972beb66252f293

The final personal touch was an employee slideshow. We dug up pictures from A&J’s early days, some of the first tradeshow booths we ever had and included snapshots from throughout the years to present day. While it was fun to see how much has changed over the years, we got an especially good laugh at Kevin’s stylish mullet from the company’s early years.26d4e3_ac18f3c8461640f0a10df77ebfb645e7

There were countless other details we took care of and tweaked along the way to make sure the party was just right. but in the end, the gift bags, food and games just served as an excuse to connect with the loyal clients, family and friends that made 30 years in business possible. After all, that’s really the whole point; to break bread with friends and that goal was definitely accomplished.26d4e3_5b1ac715025d4105b41e1526c4bc41fd

by A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI

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