DIY Home Repair: When to Call the Professionals

It’s summertime in Wisconsin, and now is the perfect time to take on home restoration projects. As you dive into these DIY restoration projects, remember that sometimes professional help is required. It’s important to know when to take on a task yourself and when a repair might be out of one’s level of expertise. We’ve put together a helpful guide to assist homeowners in determining which projects to take on this summer and what they should leave to professionals like us. 

What DIY Repair Tasks Should You Take On?

Homeowners can handle many home restoration projects themselves, saving both time and money. From painting and regrouting to minor electrical work, these small tasks often simply involve a trip to your local hardware store. Repairs that don’t require large amounts of equipment or involve potentially toxic material are perfect for a DIY home repair project. Things like cosmetic repairs, minor damages and even outdoor projects are all tasks that homeowners can do themselves without having to call their local restoration company. 

Here are some examples of projects you can do to elevate your home this summer: 

  • Tightening pipe connections
  • Replacing faucets and showerheads
  • Repainting walls or reinstalling wallpaper
  • Resetting circuit breakers
  • Cleaning and repairing gutters
  • Replacing old fencing
  • Landscaping

Depending on your skill set, you may be able to take on more than this list, but it is always best to consult a professional when dealing with larger repairs. Please contact us if you are in need of expert restoration for your home. 

When Should You Call In an Expert?

Sometimes, an issue may seem manageable on the surface, but as you begin to repair it yourself, it becomes a larger issue. For example, you may have a clogged drain, but come to find out your pipes are eroding and damaged requiring larger plumbing assistance from a professional. We recommend always consulting an expert unless certain you can address the situation with your own skill level. This will look different for each homeowner. 

Getting a professional opinion on home restoration projects will end up saving more time, money and stress for you as a homeowner than attempting a DIY repair that you aren’t equipped for. Trying to solve a problem on your own that requires expert assistance can lead to more damage as well as potential safety and health concerns. 

Let’s take a look at some home restoration projects to leave to the experts like those at A&J Property Restoration: 

  • Extensive Water Damage – Large amounts of water damage can cause other problems such as damage to structural integrity and mold growth. Our experts can address these issues with our state-of-the-art equipment to dry the structure of your home and get rid of any mold affecting your property.
  • Mold Infestation – Large amounts of mold can pose serious health risks to you and those in your home. A&J Property Restoration can identify and safely eradicate mold from your home, keeping you safe and your home’s integrity intact.
  • Toxic Remediation – In addition to mold, older homes may contain asbestos or lead which are both harmful to your health. During remodeling or renovating, our team can address these issues to remove toxins and maintain a safe environment at your property.
  • Smoke and Fire Damage – Professional restoration help is essential in the event of a fire. Fires can cause much more than structural damage. Leftover smoke and soot damage can cause foul odors, deteriorate walls and furniture and ruin your home if not addressed quickly. Our team can assess the damage and use our specialized equipment to remove any smoke from your home. 

When in doubt, reach out to our team of experts to assist you with your home restoration projects this summer. While tackling smaller tasks can be rewarding, certain situations demand the help of a professional like us. Reach out today, and our team can help you restore your home efficiently and safely.