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Does bleach kill mold?

If you’re facing a mold problem, chances are, someone has recommended using bleach on it. You  are pry are wondering does bleach kill mold. While it may leave the area smelling “bleachy” clean, don’t be fooled. The mold is not gone.

pouring bleach imageNo, Bleach does not kill mold.

It may smell clean, but it is not clean. You must physically remove the contamination. In addition, bleach is hard on the lungs and skin.

So, if bleach doesn’t work, how can you get rid of it?

First, find the source of the moisture. Mold needs a moist environment to grow. Find the leak, and you will be able to stop the problem.

Moisture problems often originate from 3 main areas:

  1. Emergency related water damage from floods, broken pipes or failed appliances
  2. On-going and unnoticed leaks from pipes, roofs or around doors and windows
  3. Building design issues that cause high humidity levels and moisture problems

Second, set containment:

This is where we come in. It is important you do not disturb the mold without setting up proper ventilation and containment.

When you call in a mold remediation company, like A&J Property Restoration, we will immediately set up a containment area. By using HEPA filtered negative air pressure units and HEPA filtered air scrubbers, occupants are protected, and cross contamination is prevented.

Our professional mold remediation services also include controlled demolition, safe disposal of contaminated materials and in-depth cleaning and sanitizing of the affected areas. A variety of other techniques may also be required, such as dry ice blasting, sealing, air washing and encapsulation, to name a few.

Finally, if you think you just have a small mold problem and don’t want to call someone in to work on it. Give us a call. We can talk through what you see and give you advice and strategies for how to move forward.