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Quick Tips on When and Why You Should Hire a Professional Attic Cleaning Service.

New homeowners rarely inspect the attic of their new homes. Little do they know; the attic is an area that should never be overlooked when getting your home ready for move in day! 

Cleaning an attic can be a tough job and hiring an attic cleaning service is a necessity to ensure your home is properly insulated and free of potential problems that can negatively impact your health.

How do attics get dirty?

When was the last time you gave a second thought to your attic? If you’re like most people, it probably hasn’t been very recently – maybe the last time you needed to pull out the holiday decorations or store old furniture.  

Even though attics are one of the last places we think about on a regular basis, they are one area that requires periodic cleanup. Attics are the ideal home for rodents, bats, and insects. Your items that are stored in the attic become great hiding places for mice and bugs, and all without your knowledge! Attic insulation is supposed to keep heat in your home in the winter, and outside in the summer – but damaged insulation is a prime attraction for bugs and other wildlife. 

Aside from animal issues, rainwater can find its way through the attic cracks and the damp air creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.  

Even without damage to your roof or insulation, attics get dirty naturally and require an annual deep clean. 

What to expect from a professional attic cleaning company

When you hire a company to work on your attic, you should prepare for a few things. Your attic cleaning service will visit your home and inspect your attic for any leaks, cracks, or damage to your insulation. If any areas need repairing, they will seal any openings that could be prime entry for pests. They will also check for signs of a mouse or insect infestation, and take necessary steps to exterminate the problem. 

Professional attic cleaners will not stop only at this inspection. Their job is to remove any unwanted items that you’ve stored, as well as removing any dust and dirt from surfaces including mold or fungus. Since attics can be the source of harmful allergens or other hazards, a professional attic cleaner is the best way to guarantee your home will be safe and clean for you and your family.  

Hiring a professional service to complete this job doesn’t just help keep your home clean and sanitary. It allows you to relax and not do any heavy lifting. Cleaning out an attic yourself can take days, or sometimes even weeks depending on how long it’s been between cleanings. A cleaning service get your attic cleaned up in just a few days – it’s efficient, fast, and economical. 

How to keep your attic clean after a professional clean out service

After your first attic clean up, it is important to keep your attic cleaned regularly. Begin by returning only the necessary items into the attic, and keep things organized! Making it easier to move inside your attic will make it faster to clean throughout the year. This will also help you prevent any larger issues from forming. 

A clean attic makes for a happy home. Many issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and checks in the highest levels of your home.  

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