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Home Fire Escape Plan

Does your family have a Home Fire Escape Plan?

You say, “That would never happen to us” and although that might be true, every year in the United States, fires claim more lives that all other natural disasters combined. With that said, does your family have a Home Fire Escape Plan?

While someone else may forget to blow the candle out before climbing in bed, you certainly never would. But all it takes is one mistake, one forgetful evening, or even just a bizarre house malfunction for a flame to come to life, pouring smoke down the hallway.

The National Fire Protection Association says in 2012, there were 365,000 house fires causing 2,380 civilian deaths. I think it’s safe to assume those 365,000 households didn’t think a fire would ever consume their home. But the fact is, thousands of homes catch fire every year causing billions of dollars of damage.

While losing your home is a scary thought, the harm that could come to your family is even more terrifying. But there’s no need to live in fear as long as you have a plan in place. Here’s a great place to start. Create a home fire escape plan and practice it with your family.

Plan. Review. Prevent.

Sit down as a family and review house fire safety prevention tips. Then download this escape plan gird from the U.S. Fire Protection Association and fill it out for your home:

House Fire Escape Grid

Not only does it give you a worksheet to draw out a fire escape plan for the house, but it guides you through the process of creating a plan to make sure you haven’t left anything out.

While it’s a serious topic, don’t forget to make it fun! Use a timer to see how fast your family can get out of the house and to the designated meeting point. Set goals and come up with a fun reward for the family when you accomplish them. If you make it fun, your kids will engage in the process and take it seriously.

So instead of dismissing the idea of a house fire, take the time to create a plan and know that if the impossible ever does happen to you, your family will be prepared.

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