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How to Prevent Tenants from Ruining Your Property

Hoarding shows are all the rage on reality TV. While some individuals are too stubborn to let things go, there are other people that suffer from mental illness that prevents them from letting go of any belongings. These people are not to blame – their illness requires the help of professional treatment in order to help them part with possessions.

However, as a property owner, dealing with a tenant that is a hoarder can present many difficult situations, and it is up to you to make sure the health and well-being of all tenants is at the top of your priority list.

Hazards of Hoarding

In the home of a hoarder, the items are typically filled with garbage and trash, not items that are overly valuable to anyone but the hoarder. As possessions start to pile up, the stress becomes too much for the structure of the building. 

These piles can also block the exits, causing dangerous living conditions for other tenants. Depending on what possessions are, health hazards can be at stake. If the person is hoarding food, waste from animals or humans, chemicals, medications, flammable items, etc… dangers can increase and violate state and building codes.

Depending on the level of mess, this can lead to hefty fines.

How to Handle a Hoarder

If you suspect you have a hoarder on your hands, here are a few ways you can handle the problem. 

  • Screen tenants closely. Look at the background of tenants including prior rental properties. Ask for references from old landlords or roommates.
  • Add a hoarding clause into rental agreements. Be specific in your wording and talk about what defines a hoarder. This includes piles in front of doors or windows, emergency exits, etc. Also list out what types of items cannot be stored past expiration dates.
  • Consistently look for signs of pests. This is a true sign of trash or perishable items. Watch for insects or vermin and take care of these issues before they become a large nuisance. 
  • Be aware of foul smells. Trash and clutter can begin to take on foul odors. Be aware of any scents that do not belong.

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