Removing the Smoke Smell after a Fire

After experiencing a fire in your home, the first thing you want to do is get back into your normal routine. While the clean up after a fire can be devastating as you realize what is left, and what you have lost, your home should provide as much comfort as possible during this difficult time.

Removing the smoke smell from fabrics, upholstery, furniture, and other household items is difficult without the help of professional fire damage restoration company | services by A&J Property Restoration DKI of Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie, Portage, Waunakee, Milwaukee, WI Dells, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, and Waukesha, Wisconsin

But the smell of lingering smoke makes it hard to forget what you’ve been through, and it’s not easy to remove the smell or the soot from your belongings. It may seem impossible, but with the help of a professional fire restoration company like A & J Restoration, the smell can come out of your belonging and furniture.



Professional Tips for Cleaning After a Fire

There are many things to remember as you begin to clean up after a fire without the help of a professional.

  1. Time is of the essence. It is important to act fast and start the removal processes as quickly as possible. The longer the smoke is left to set into fabrics and clothing, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  2. Reduce the odor as much as possible. Before you begin a deep cleaning of your items, start by removing as many things as possible from the home. This means anything that cannot, or will not, be kept like carpet, wallpaper, insulation, etc. Remove them from your home quickly to get as much of the smell out as possible.
  3. Open up all windows and doors if possible. If the weather allows it, air out your home as you clean. Circulating the air will help remove the odor from your home, and will help dry out any moisture that may have happened while the fire was being extinguished.
  4. Remove the soot. Soot is the fine black particles that are left behind after a fire. Soot can actually contain chemicals that could be potentially damaging to fabrics, and removal quickly is recommended. To begin the removal process of soot, start by using a heavy duty vacuum. This will eliminate the oils from the soot, and prevent it from further staining the materials it is covering.
  5. Deodorize any possible fabrics. There are different deodorizers on the market that you can utilize to counteract the smoke smell. Just make sure you follow the specifications from the manufacturer!
  6. Dry clean anything that can be dry cleaned. While this isn’t exactly a do it yourself option, dry cleaners can work wonders to restore small items back to normal.


Contact A&J today for water damage clean up emergencies and services by A&J Specialty Services Inc DKI of Madison, Sun Prairie, Milwaukee, WI Dells, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, and Waukesha, WisconsinIf you find that these tips are not working, or that the smell is still lingering, a professional restoration company may be needed. At A & J Restoration, we are trained with the most up to date methods and tools on restoring your home and removing the smell of smoke and soot from all items.

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