26d4e3_16699bd6c7844057bbfee776a204c843A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI has a Specialty Cleaning division that prides itself in

tackling unusual and potentially difficult projects. Recently, we undertook such a project in a downtown Madison Sorority House: restoring terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo floors are frequently found in “mature” buildings in the Madison area, including older institutional structures like schools and government buildings, but they are also found in smaller settings like the Sorority House in question.

Terrazzo floors are composed of a specially formulated Portland cement inlaid with marble chips. They are both a durable hard-working surface and a work of art.

Restoring terrazzo floors is a particular passion of A&J’s Operations Manager, Francis Balthazor. In his former position as an executive in a large local commercial cleaning company he had many opportunities to facilitate the regular cleaning and maintenance of terrazzo flooring.

Now at A&J, Francis has the pleasure and challenge of restoring worn-out and otherwise unattractive floors to their former glory.

Take a look at some “before” and “after” photos from the Sorority House:

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These floors were faded, scuffed, dull and discolored. Francis’ Specialty Cleaning crew used the latest techniques to revitalize these floors, and the results speak for themselves.

A&J specializes in restoring worn out floors, but we also service and maintain any floor, from the largest industrial application to a cozy residential cottage.

26d4e3_629c087afaaa440581762c1107ed98e5by Mark Finley, Administrator/Manager, A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI