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Save Yourself from Summer Sewer Stress

You may not want intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your septic and sewer system, but as a homeowner avoiding a major mess means recognizing a problem before it leads to damage. Removing wastewater from your home involves an intricate system, and one that can be confronted with any number of issues. And making matters worse: the summer season.

Summer Sewage Clogs

With few exceptions, your sewer systems is always on the clock no matter the time, day, month, or season. Problems such as blockages, broken or cracked pipes, leaking joints, and pipe corrosion can occur year round. That said, there are a few specific summer season reasons that cause an increase in such potentially damaging sewer issues.

  1. Storm season:

    Bright sunny days may mean summer, but the season isn’t without its rain and storms. Excessive rain can put extra stress on sewage systems, causing wastewater to back up into your home’s plumbing if the sewer system is unable to drain the extra moisture effectively.

  2. Drought:

    On the flip side of storm season, summer is prone to extremely dry times, too. With less water running through septic lines, it can cause some waste not to be fully removed. When rain happens, the excess water can lead to an overflow and a rush of foul odors to the surface.

  3. Tree roots:

    Summertime lends an ideal climate for plants and trees to do their best growing. This allows roots to spread out to new areas with the potential to clog and damage underground pipes. And since roots are also on a constant hunt for a water source, should a summer drought happen, they may seek out the inner pipes for any moisture present. This can turn into an even bigger issue should your septic pipes have existing signs of deterioration or corrosion.

  4. Home life:

    Similar to the holiday season, summer welcomes more people to your home for entertaining not to mention your children and their friends who are off from school. The increased all-day activity, as well as visitors not familiar with the dos and don’ts of septic systems, can quickly lead to a sewer line clog.

Predict Summer Sewer Problems

The summer season already feels as though it goes by too quickly, so the last thing you want to be doing with your time is responding to home sewage damage. Stay vigilant against potential problems by quickly responding to warning signs before they lead to stressful sewer situations.

  • Odor: Bad smells rising from your pipes is a good indicator of a potential sewage issue. This occurs due to a clog, which means your indoor plumbing is not fully emptying resulting in sewer gas emission.
  • Slow flow: If your drainage system makes a bubbling sound or are slow to drain, this could be a sign of clog.
  • What goes down: You may have a partial sewage block if you notice water flowing as usual down sinks and showers, but solids in garbage disposals and toilets do not. predict sewer problems with septic tank
  • Greener pastures: If you have a septic tank, be on the lookout for greener grass or wetter grounds in that area versus the rest of your property. This could be wastewater backing up into the area.

Avoid or respond to these sewer issues by working with a trained plumbing professional. The professional can detect sewer blockages and other more serious sewer line problems. Stress less by knowing we’re here to help restore your property back to pre-loss condition. You don’t have to let a sewer system spoil your summer fun!

Call in the Professionals to Cleanup Sewage

While you may want to try sewage cleanup on your own, for the safety of your health, this is a project where professional sewage cleanup services are needed. Call us right away for help if you have sewage damage you need cleaned up.

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