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Is Water Damage Cleanup In Your Future? Watch For These Signs

water damage cleanup milwaukee, water damage milwaukee, water damage repair milwaukeeWith spring in full swing and summer on the way, the snow has melted and frozen pipes are so last season. But that doesn’t mean water damage isn’t here to stay. Here in Milwaukee, WI, water damage is still very much a possibility, at any time of year. The following are some water damage hazards to look out for on each level of your home:


Basements are at the lowest point of the house, so they automatically are prone to the most water, due simply to gravity.  If you are experiencing heavy rainfall, your basement is threatened by water damage on all sides, as the water is likely pooling at the window level.  Without proper sealant at any potential weak point, even the smallest crack in foundation or crevice between windows can cause enormous damage requiring a professional water damage cleanup crew.  Basements also often house the hot water heater or sump pump of the home, and without annual inspections, hundreds of gallons of water could pour into your home without proper intervention.

Main Floor

The main floor of the home usually contains rooms such as the kitchen and dining room.  The kitchen contains many of a home’s essential appliances: dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, etc.  While these are luxuries that we utilize and appreciate every day, they can also come at a price.  Leaky pipes, old appliances, or faulty installation can cause gallons of water to leak into your kitchen.  And because dining rooms are often attached to the kitchen, floods on this level can easily spread, causing an expansive water damage situation that requires in-depth cleanup know-how.

Top Floor

The top floor of the home ordinarily has the rooms we spend our most time in: bedrooms and bathrooms.  Because we utilize these rooms so much, it may seem unlikely that a leak or potential flood would go unnoticed.  But active, incessant leaks aren’t the only problem in a bathroom.  “Splash leaks” are defined as leaks caused by water being splashed outside the confines of a tub or shower area, usually escaping past the shower curtain or door.  While this may seem trivial, splash leaks can cause extensive and progressive water damage to the sub-floor of your bathroom, deteriorating the soundness of where the tub meets the floor.


Attics most often leak due to roof or gutter damage. If your roof or gutters are not properly maintained in order to direct water away from the house, even the smallest of storms can cause water to seep into your attic.  Attics also are notorious for being more difficult to ventilate than the rest of the home.  Here in Milwaukee, WI, our humid summers may be great for our skin, but terrible for our attics.  Humidity in an attic can lead to condensation, which can pool and remain stagnant in areas of the attic that are already cool and damp.  It is important to have proper ventilation, filtration, and an insulation system for the uppermost area of your home, to prevent unpleasant water damage such as mold growth, discoloration, and corrosion.

Water Damage Cleanup In Milwaukee WI

If you are uncertain whether or not water damage is occurring in your home, it is important to call your local water damage cleanup company to assess the situation. A&J Property Restoration of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a full-service emergency and non-emergency water damage cleanup service company that offers 24/7 help for any water damage-related emergency, and service Southern Wisconsin, Madison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and its surrounding areas. We are leaders in the water damage cleanup industry and are known for its team members’ balance of expertise and compassion. Some water spills and splashes here and there in your home might seem minor, but let them stay for long enough, and they can become a major water damage problem. Luckily, our water damage cleanup crews know how to handle water damage, any size, anywhere.