Six Signs of a Possible Sewage Backup

Possible Sewage Backup in Your Home?

It is officially summer in Madison! But that also means storms and heat – two things that can be a recipe for disaster for sewer lines. It is very common for summer storms and torrential downpours to overload sewer lines. Conditions are further aggravated by warm temperatures, possible tree roots inside pipes, and clogs already in the line. End result: a possible sewage backup in your home.

water damage restoration service, water damage clean up serviceA sewage backup can mean major, costly damage to your home and belongings, and create a generally unpleasant and smelly situation. However, there are warning signs to watch for that could help you stop a potentially toxic situation in its tracks. Have it properly fixed before it creates a major bill to your homeowner’s insurance.

  1. A foul stench coming from drains

Did you turn on the water in the bathroom one day and notice a foul stench seeping up through the drain? That could be an indication something is wrong. Drains going out of your home should not have a stench.

  1. Multiple drains are clogged

Just about all of us encounter drain clogs from time to time, usually caused by excess hair caught, toilet paper, etc. in the pipe. As easy fix. However, if you notice multiple drains are clogged at once, you could have a bigger problem on your hands. If the clogged drains are in areas you rarely use like a laundry room sink or guest bathroom shower, there is room for even more concern.

  1. Bubbles

This is an easy-to-spot warning sign. As water tries to get past a clog in your drain pipe, it will bubble as it comes back to the surface. So, if you notice bubbling after you flush the toilet or run the sink, check and see if it happens several times and isn’t just a weird fluke. If it’s not a fluke, it could indicate a problem in the line that could lead to a sewer backup.

  1. Tree roots

If you own an older home, tree roots could invade your sewer line. Tree roots can trigger a possible sewage backup into your home. Slow flowing drains and gurgling in toilets may be early indications a tree is making a new home in the line. The longer the problem is ignored, the bigger the root will grow, and the larger the problem will become over time.

  1. Running one faucet leads to a backup elsewhere

If you are running a faucet that is on the same line as the shower down the hall, and water starts backing up into that shower while running the faucet, there could be a problem.

  1. Toilets are flushing slowly

Your once fast-working toilets aren’t flushing with the same gusto, you’ve found yet another possible warning sign of a problem in your sewer line. If there is a problem in the line, normal plunging won’t improve the flow of water out of the house.

Contact A&J today for water damage clean up emergencies and services by A&J Specialty Services Inc DKI of Madison, Sun Prairie, Milwaukee, WI Dells, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, and Waukesha, WisconsinIf you have had a possible sewage backup in your home, stay away. The water could contain harmful bacteria and it is important a well-trained team, like A.J. Services, do proper cleaning and remediation in the affected areas. Professionals use strong antimicrobials to kill any bacteria from the water, and can return your home to pre-loss condition.