Get ready for changing weather with A&J Property Restoration’s tips to safeguard your home year-round

Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Colder Weather

Home Maintenance Tips for Colder Weather

Spring is around the corner! As we anticipate the longer hours of sunshine and warm weather, freezing temperatures may feel like a thing of the past, but now is the time to stay mindful of lingering winter weather. The end of winter can bring about drastic changes in temperatures, leaving homeowners in difficult situations when the air suddenly becomes frigid again. Sporadic temperatures and precipitation patterns can cause damage to your property if you do not properly prepare. Lucky for you, A&J Property Restoration is your resource for Wisconsin restoration services and has some helpful tips to safeguard your home during these wild weather patterns so you can be ready for anything. We understand the impact that temperature changes, storms and winter weather have on the integrity of homes, and we are here to assist you through this seasonal transition and help you avoid cold weather damage to your home.

With the many services we offer such as rapid emergency response and specialized restoration, we are committed to keeping you and your property safe from harm every day of the year. From mitigating fire risks to preventing cold weather damage, our team is equipped to handle any challenges the changing weather may bring. But let’s take a look at ways you can be proactive this winter and spring to keep your home fortified.

Reducing Fire Hazards

Despite warmer weather on the horizon, sudden drops in temperatures and unexpected storms still pose their own set of threats to your home. During these times, it is essential to be careful when using heating sources such as fireplaces and space heaters. Improper handling of these items can create an unnecessary risk of house fires, so it is crucial to take proactive measures. Minimizing hazards is a quick and easy way to keep your home protected while still enjoying warmth in the wintertime. One step to reduce the risk of fires is to keep flammable objects away from heat sources. Common household items such as hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol should be stored safely out of reach of heating appliances to prevent potential ignition. Additionally, keep up with maintenance checks on fireplaces and heaters to identify potential hazards and minimize fire risks. Taking these simple measures could mean the difference between a warm and cozy environment and the threat of a fire disaster. 

We know that accidents happen all the time, and our team is ready to help. Our restorative services include everything from emergency repairs to addressing smoke damage, and we work to restore your home quickly and efficiently. 

Preventing Water and Structural Damage 

Another common concern for homeowners that may go unnoticed is structural damage caused by clogged gutters. Storms blow sticks, leaves and other debris into gutters and freezing water traps it there causing ice dams to form. This build-up of ice creates excess weight pushing on the structure of your home which can lead to water damage, flooding and structural issues. In times of sunshine and warmer temperatures, take advantage of the nicer weather and take time to clean our gutters of debris. This will prevent costly damage to your home and preserve its integrity. Without a large amount of debris, water is less likely to get trapped in gutters, therefore it can flow easily away from your home. 

Avoid Damage from Freezing Pipes

Possibly the largest and most common concern during the wintertime is freezing pipes. When pipes freeze, they have the potential to burst, causing flooding and large amounts of damage. In the cold weather of Wisconsin winters, preventing frozen pipes should be top priority for homeowners. Taking extra precautions to save piping will prevent bursts and save you the hardship of costly repairs.

To safeguard your home’s pipes during the winter, you must keep them warm. For areas that are uninsulated and exposed, a quick solution is to place a space heater near them to keep them from freezing. Use this method with caution so as not to leave space heaters on too long or with the heat too high, as this could cause fires. Consider insulating pipes as well to remove the risk of freezing. Another easy step to take is to leave faucets on a drip throughout your property in order to relieve pressure buildup in pipes that could result in freezing. Listen for strange noises when using faucets as well as lack of water pressure as signs of frozen pipes. 

We have your back at A&J Property Restoration

Along with implementing proactive safety measures and having a plan in place for unexpected weather emergencies, our team is ready to help you out when disaster strikes. Our Wisconsin restoration services offer 24/7 emergency response to address any disaster needs from flooding to fires and smoke damage. We are dedicated to helping you navigate seasonal transitions so that you, your belongings, and your home are protected from volatile weather. Get in touch today to protect your home from potential cold weather damage and ensure your safety and security. Whether dealing with fire damage, water damage, structural issues or more, we have the expertise and resources to handle any emergency.