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Window Water Damage Restoration In Madison

water damage restoration madison, water damage madison, water damage repair madisonWindow coverings offer so many choices for your home decor. Roman shades and shutters offer maximum privacy from your neighbors. Solar shades protect your furnishings from sun damage. Wood blinds offer a contemporary look (and faux blinds are a cheaper alternative to the same classic styling.)

You can choose heavy fabric drapes or you can literally let the sun shine. No matter what dressings you prefer, be sure to maintain your windows from water damage so that restoration is not needed. 

Potential Water Damage

Any excess water in the home opens you up for damage. Often, window leaks are due to poorly installed windows or windows that have worn parts. If your windows are leaking, they could cause damage to your home: wood rot, damaged drywall and mold growth.

Common Causes of Window Leaks

Most window leaks are caused by a breakdown of sealing components. But whatever the cause, leaks can result in costly damage to your home, inviting mold and mildew growth, wood rot, or even foundation and other structural issues. It’s imperative to address leaky windows immediately. If the sealant of caulk around your window has cracks or gaps, you can re-caulk around the window and monitor what happens following the next rain storm.

If you see moisture inside your window between the panes of glass, you have a bad glass seal. This does not always mean that water is leaking into your home, but it does mean that your windows have lost their insulating gas—making them significantly less energy-efficient than they were when they were new. Double-paned glass will have a band of metal on all four sides that seals the glass itself.  Check for damage that could allow moisture to break through. 

You might notice water on their windows even when it is not raining and assume there is a leak somewhere. Condensation can accumulate from 1) a warm home in the winter or 2)  a hard working A/C in the summer. Either way, a consistent source of moisture dripping from the glass on the the sill 

It is also possible that your window leaks are not window leaks at all but structural. If you notice stains on the top part of the window frame, it could be due to a leak in your walls. Inspect your walls for sealing gaps or cracks and reseal them to fix this problem.

Watch Out For Mold

When your windows leak, you need to investigate evidence of molds in the home. Molds and decay organisms need water to grow, and the growth can be inside the walls, out of view. If you notice any discoloration or degrading wood , you will need a complete inspection by A&J Restores. They will determine whether the frames can be repaired or if they need to be replaced. 

Window Water Damage Restoration In Madison  

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