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Are you preparing for these holiday dangers?

Never had anything bad happen to you or your family over the holidays? Think there’s nothing to worry about? That’s where you’d be wrong. Every year, about 8,000 injuries occur from accidents related to holiday decorating activities. A number you can’t ignore. Christmas trees are involved in hundreds of fires which result in almost 40 […]

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420 people didn’t think it could happen to them either, but it did

Let’s be honest, we’re flooded with a barrage of messages online every day. 10 tips to success. 5 steps to being more organized. You have a problem, I can guarantee someone has written you a 3 step guide to overcoming it. While it would be easy to tune out and not finish reading this blog […]

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Check Coverage Before Winter Storms Begin

70’s in Wisconsin in November?! It’s hard to believe the incredible weather we’ve had this fall. It’s tempting to think the cold, snowy winter months will never come this year. But try as we might to deny it, winter is coming. That’s why now is the time to check your homeowner’s insurance coverage and vehicle […]

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Water Damaged Hotel – Makes Your Heart Sink

Imagine you’re the manager of a popular hotel in “The Water Park Capital of the World”, the Wisconsin Dells. The busy season is kicking into high gear and your hotel rooms are filling up by the minute with guests from all over the country, eager to experience gigantic water parks and thrilling roller coaster rides! […]

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Do I need to wear protective gear to clean mold?

Do fish swim in water? YES! YES! AND YES! Close your eyes for a moment – wait! Read this first, then close your eyes! Now, imagine walking down a path through a dandelion field. As your eyes gaze over the never-ending field, I want you to notice how all of the dandelion seeds are safely […]

Costly decisions on water losses – turning off drying equipment

Hands off! Avoid a costly mistake by understanding the drying process. Recently, one of our Project managers was standing in my office expressing his frustrations about a client who kept, “turning off our equipment”, and, “opening all the windows”, on one of our larger, time sensitive projects. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon topic to […]

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Does bleach kill mold?

If you’re facing a mold problem, chances are, someone has recommended using bleach on it. You  are pry are wondering does bleach kill mold. While it may leave the area smelling “bleachy” clean, don’t be fooled. The mold is not gone. No,Bleach does not kill mold. It may smell clean, but it is not clean. […]

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Risen from the Ashes

The amount of damage fire can cause in a building is shocking, no matter how many similar scenes you respond to. A&J was recently called to a four-unit apartment building in Madison that sustained intense fire damage. It started in the bottom unit, leaving the walls charred and household items melted and burnt. But the […]

Kindness. Is it your #1 Goal?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. A character trait that is often overlooked. One we take for granted. Kindness. Ask most people and they’ll tell you they value honesty and loyalty in someone but how often is kindness at the top of the list? How many people rank being kind as one of the […]

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Can you add to the list? Ideas for Restoring Kindness

JULY is our focus month for #RestoringKindness! Obviously we should all be looking for ways to be kind each and every day but focusing on it for a month can help kick start the habit of looking for ways to care for others. If you follow along on the RestoringKindness social media accounts, you’ve likely […]