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Answer life’s most persistent and urgent question

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ -Martin Luther King Jr. It’s not difficult to get caught up in your everyday routine. To sweat the small stuff and stress constantly. But there comes a point, when that tunnel vision must be broken. When we must look up and notice […]

The why behind #RestoringKindness

#RestoringKindness If you’re reading this, you’ve likely noticed the hashtag #restoringkindness floating around and chances are you’re curious about how it all started. For the explanation, read on. The idea to challenge Madison and the surrounding communities to start restoring kindness is grounded in how Kent and Lynn Rawhouser, owners of A&J Specialty Services, Inc., […]

Preventing mold in new construction and remodeling

As the economy improves and more people build new homes and commercial buildings, it’s extremely important to be vigilant about the condition of the products within the structure. Mold is a serious threat but can be easily controlled from the beginning of the process. It’s not a question of if the materials might have mold, […]

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Don’t let those pipes freeze!

Cold weather is here, whether we like it or not. With temperatures dipping below freezing it’s extremely important that you have your home prepared. If your pipes aren’t well-insulated, it could cause them to freeze and burst. If that happens because pipes freeze, you’re looking at thousands of dollars in water damage to your home […]

NARI Contractor of the Year

The Unseen Winner of NARI’s Contractor of the Year Awards

A CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE The decorative lights wrapped around the stage twinkling in the dimly lit conference room at the Marriott West in Madison, WI. The hum of conversation from more than 200 contractors based in the Madison area filled the air. They were taking an evening out of their busy lives to share a […]

Food for Thought: Why you should make barbecues part of your marketing strategy

There’s no shortage of places where you could spend your marketing dollars, but as all marketers know, the real question is where to put them to produce the most bang for your buck. 8 years ago, A&J Specialty Services, Inc. President, Kent Rawhouser, said the answer was simple, put the money into food. Kent was […]

Ebola Facts

Ebola: Is Wisconsin Prepared?

“Ebola!” is a frightening word in our country and around the world because it is the label of a deadly pandemic virus. It is a word, and a disease, that we need to treat with respect, but also with rational understanding and thorough preparation. Health leaders across the country are creating strategies to combat the […]

Renter’s Insurance: Low cost, huge benefits

Hut.. hut.. hike!!! Fall has arrived and football season is in full swing! Athletes schedules are packed with practices and games, where they’ll unleash pure adrenaline to the delight of sports fans across the nation. A summer’s worth of anticipation and training, playing out on fields glowing under stadium lights. So what happens when the […]

water damage tips

Tips to Prevent Your Home or Business from Flooding

kitchen sink overflowing

Water Damage? Identify the Type and Protect Your Health

The Panic of Discovering Water Damage in Your Home Imagine you are in a hurry to get a load of laundry out of the washer and into the dryer before racing off to pick up the kids from school. Jogging down the stairs you turn the corner into the laundry room. It takes a couple […]