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Leadership 101

Leadership Leadership – the position or fact of being the leader/the person or people in charge of an organization (Cambridge Dictionary). Everyday, everywhere I go, the question of leadership comes up. I know at A&J I am constantly challenged to develop as a leader, to point the direction, to cast a vision, to develop people… […]

Mark Finley

Doing a 360

Doing a 360: Safety and Procedural Compliance There’s a great story about a co-pilot in an airliner who blunders into a thunderstorm while flying along one day. Amid the turbulence and flashes of lightning the captain cries out, “Quick, let’s make a 360 and get out of here!” To which the hapless co-pilot replies, “Which […]

Water damage in a commercial office building in the Madison WI area

The Story of a Water Loss Emergency

Water Loss Emergency It’s 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and the phone rings. We have a water loss with three floors partially flooded. They ask, “Can you come and help?” So much for watching TV and relaxing! Actually, this is exactly what it means to be an “emergency response” company. A&J is an emergency response […]

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