Fire Safety Tips

5 Fire Safety Tips That You Need to Know

We want to start this article with a warning – these fire facts have to do with children. Some may be difficult to read, but it is information that is very important to the safety of all families.  These five facts are everyday fire safety facts that are important to keep in mind everyday, not […]

commercial warehouse damaged by fire with smoke and fire damage needing help from disaster restoration company

How to Choose a Restoration Company

When disaster like fire or flood damages your commercial building, it is important to start the restoration process as quickly as possible. Choosing the right restoration company is an important step to getting your building back to normal. What should you look for when choosing a restoration company? Here are a few tips and questions […]

fire restoration services

Fire Safety Tips for Grilling During Summer!

Warm weather means barbecues and fire pits. July through September are typically considered grilling months, and fire safety should always be in the front of your mind when firing up the grill.  Did you know that an average of 8,900 home fires are caused by grilling each year? Take these tips to keep your backyard […]

5 Ways to Get Your Property Ready for Summer

5 Ways to Get Your Property Ready for Summer

Despite the fluctuation in spring like weather outside, summer is right around the corner and will be here before we know it! It’s time to break out the home improvement projects and take advantage of the warm weather. You have a limited amount of time to prepare your commercial property for summer and now is […]

fire restoration

Fire Safety Preparation – How to Create an Escape Plan for Your Home

Even the most cautious household may still experience a house fire. During a fire, time is not on your side. Fire can spread throughout the home within 30 seconds giving family members very little time to find their way to safety before your home is filled with dangerous flames and smoke. Different factors can plan […]

Apartment building on fire

How to create a fire escape plan specific to your apartment building

Owning a property is stressful enough without thinking about the building being hit by a natural disaster. As a landlord or property manager, there is a long list of things that you have to handle on a daily basis. The safety and security of your tenants is the top priority.  Just as you are responsible […]

house fire repairs

Recovering from a House Fire – How Should You Clean the Smoke Out of Fabrics and Clothing?

Experiencing a fire is frightening and can cause a major burden to your family. Once you know that your family is safe and sound, and that your home is ready to return to, there are other issues that you have to deal with. If you’ve never experienced a fire or been exposed to anyone that […]

commercial property needing snow removal

8 Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Building for Coming Cold Weather

Every season has its own need for special maintenance, and that’s especially true when the temperatures start to plummet. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your commercial property, which makes it all the more important to take preventative measures to protect your tenants and your business investment. Commercial Building Fall Maintenance Tips While each commercial […]

Causes of Indoor Fires

Prevent Indoor Fires This Fall

Fire safety is always important no matter what time of year it is. However, if there is ever a season to brush up on fire safety tips, it’s fall. As daylight hours decrease and temperatures do the same, autumn means life moves inside, which can increase indoor fire risks. According to the National Fire Protection […]

Home Repairs

Keep Your Home Safe on Your End-of-Summer Vacation

Students preparing to go back to school in less than 2 weeks means there’s one last chance to sneak in a summer vacation. Whether you’re celebrating the end of August or starting off September with a no-labor Labor Day break, making the most of your vacation means keeping your home safe. Because there’s no better […]

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