professional mold inspection may be needed when you suspect mold in your home or business

Is it Time for a Professional Mold Inspection?

Is it time or do you need a professional mold inspection? The easy answer to that question? It depends! It has been a warm, sometimes muggy summer in Madison, so mold growth is certainly possible. It is also possible that the humidity levels in your home have been high, or you have had a recent […]

fire damage to house

4 Common Fire Hazards in Every Home

Do you have any of these fire hazards in your home? According to The National Fire Protection Association, there are more than 360,000 house fires every year. In all, those fires do as much as $8 billion in damage, which companies like  A&J Property Restoration restore back to their original splendor whenever possible. However, many of […]

Six Signs of a Possible Sewage Backup

Possible Sewage Backup in Your Home? It is officially summer in Madison! But that also means storms and heat – two things that can be a recipe for disaster for sewer lines. It is very common for summer storms and torrential downpours to overload sewer lines. Conditions are further aggravated by warm temperatures, possible tree roots […]

3 Tips to Avoid Basement Water Damage to Your Home

Basement water damage and flooding from heavy rains is one problem that can take up your time, effort, and money. Although you can’t prevent the weather, there are things you can do to with your home to ward off potential damages incurred by WI weather. We’ve got 3 cleaning tips that you can do yourself, […]


Why do ice dams cause mold problems?

Living in Madison, Wisconsin, we’re used to battling through snowy, icy, cold winters. But just because we’re used to the icy cold, doesn’t make our homes immune to ice dams and the danger they pose to the health of our homes. But first things first. How are ice dams formed? Two reasons ice dams can […]

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